• You can’t lose weight until you…

    Posted on July 30, 2013 by in Loving Your Body

    Healthy WomanIn working with women who want to lose weight, I hear a lot of “negative” talk about their bodies. “I just need to lose this weight, so I can feel good about how I look”, “I wish my body were 30 pounds lighter”, “I’m embarrassed by the extra ‘tire’ I carry around my middle”. All too often, these are the messages that play over and over again in women’s minds. 

    But what if we take a step back and look at what this constant barrage of demeaning words does to us. Have you heard the message, “Whatever you think about, that is what you become”? So true, and yet, too often, we forget just how powerful these words we speak over ourselves are in determining our destiny.

    So…you can’t lose weight until you…CHANGE YOUR WAY OF THINKING! In my First Get Healthy program, one of the first rules my clients learn is that calling themselves names and beating themselves up verbally is not allowed.

    The first step in the process of changing your way of thinking is to determine “why” you want to lose weight.  If it’s because you can’t stand your body and desperately want to change it, you will always struggle to lose that weight.

    However, if you can learn to appreciate and cherish your body, the desire to “bless your body” comes easily. You become motivated to make healthy lifestyle choices because it is how you take greater care of your body. In return your body rewards you with greater energy levels and an increased sense of well-being. Weight loss now becomes secondary to how great you are feeling. AND, when you start down a path of “first getting healthy”, you will naturally shed the extra fat your body doesn’t need and unlike with diets, you’ll be able to keep it off.

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