• Top 5 Health Concerns of Women Today

    Posted on October 15, 2014 by in Health Conditions

    8483322_mWhat are the top 5 health concerns of women today?

    Most women will place heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity at the top of their list. Except for obesity, these are all diseases that we refer to as ‘chronic degenerative’ diseases or to put it in simpler terms, ‘wear and tear’ diseases. They do not appear overnight; you develop them over time. Before I dig a little deeper into each of these, I’d like to paint you a picture.

    You’ve probably all seen this. A picture with a woman in her 80’s hiking up a mountain with other women half her age – next to a picture of a similar aged woman hunched over in a wheelchair. Such a striking difference! We all desire to be the hiking 80 year old, but in our hearts we fear we’ll end up in the wheelchair.

    Unfortunately, far too many of us grow old and become the wheelchair-bound woman and far too few of us are still hiking in our 80’s. Some of you will blame your genes but the truth is, that for most diseases, genetics factors are responsible for less than 20% of the cause. The other more than 80% is reflected in your everyday lifestyle choices. AND not just the ones you make when you’re old but the ones you make TODAY!

    So many diseases in our society can be prevented with just a few small changes that you follow through with every day. That’s what will REALLY make the difference – and determine how you live the rest of your life – in a wheelchair or hiking mountains.

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