• How to NEVER diet again…

    Posted on July 17, 2013 by in Effective Weight Loss, Loving Your Body

    iStock_000007983929XSmallOne of my current clients struggles with the “fear” that having lost 20 pounds, she will gain it all back again.  Why?  Because this has been her pattern in the past.  She has been on many diets before, lost weight and then, once the diet is finished, gained it all and even more back. 

    This is a common pattern in the diet world and it’s often referred to as yo-yo dieting.  Women, feeling they need to lose weight, go on a diet and because it’s so restrictive, they end up feeling deprived.  They do lose weight, but often it’s more muscle and water loss than fat loss.  This puts them in a place where their bodies burn fewer calories at rest.  In other words, eating the same amount of food before they went on the diet now causes them to gain weight.  Not only that, but the weeks and months of restriction have left them frustrated and craving the wrong foods.  Too often, the temptation to return to an unhealthy eating pattern is just too easy.

    The better approach is to look at making small healthy lifestyle changes that you can maintain for the long term.  It might be as simple as switching one unhealthy snack every day for a healthy snack.  Or perhaps it’s changing your breakfast habits or deciding to walk 3 times a week.  At First Get Healthy (www.firstgethealthy.com), I look at your current lifestyle and together we come up with a doable plan that focuses on changing a few key areas and maintaining that changed lifestyle.   Following this EASY plan, my clients have LASTING results and NEVER have to diet again. 

    In his book, The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy shows how one small change (either negative or positive) will, overtime, cause a dramatic difference in your life.  He teaches that it’s not short-lived big choices that determine your outcome but small consistent changes over the long term.  This is true for your finances, for your relationships and FOR YOUR HEALTH. 

    There’s one more very important detail that must not be overlooked when it come to healthy weight loss and that is to look at why you are trying to lose weight.  At First Get Healthy, I teach women to ALWAYS come from the perspective of “Bless the Body”.  Stay tuned to hear more about this in my next blog…

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