• What do weight loss and computers have in common?

    Posted on July 25, 2012 by in Effective Weight Loss

    Going on a health or weight loss journey can be a lot like owning a computer. Are you wondering what the connection is? 

    Let me ask: How many of you have run into computer glitches that either lost some of your work or changed things in a way you didn’t perceive or want? This is so common that it might be better to ask if anyone out there has NOT had that happen. Most likely all of you have experienced this at one time or another.

    As many of you noticed in last week’s newsletter, this is precisely what happened to me.  An error occurred that caused you to receive multiple copies of my blog intro in one email. 

    So here’s the message. Life happens. It sends us curve balls; sometimes we goof up, and sometimes things happen that we have no control over. What’s most important isn’t “the mistake” but what you do with it afterwards!

    Perhaps you decide to start a new healthier eating program. It goes well for a few weeks and then you “lose” it. You’re invited over to friends and just can’t resist the smorgasbord of treats that are out for everyone to enjoy. You overindulge and feel lousy the next day. 

    Now, it’s what you do next that REALLY counts.  You can, as many do, beat yourself up; telling yourself that you always mess up.  Even worse, you can give up and go back to your old unhealthy eating habits, saying “what’s the use anyways”. 

    OR you can choose to give yourself a break! Recognize that, yes, you ate too much junk food, but yes, you also had a very fun time. Instead of beating yourself up, figure out ways to plan ahead for next time, so that you can still have a great time but also have a strategy in place so you don’t eat so much you feel lousy the next day.  Most importantly, move on and move forward, returning to the healthy diet you committed to in the first place. This is the one of the key differences between those who succeed in their commitments and those who don’t. The “succeeders” know how to get up again when they fall.

    I’ve hopefully sorted out the computer error. It shouldn’t occur again. However, if it does, I’ll again look into what caused it, fix the problem, and move on. I recommend you do the same in your journey to a fit and healthy body.

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