• Can’t fit into your swimsuit? Try Vitamin D

    Posted on June 3, 2013 by in Effective Weight Loss

    SunshineAs you step into your swimsuit this summer and curse your sweet tooth for your tummy bulge, think again!  It could be what you’re not eating, that’s the problem.  Did you know that Vitamin D is now being strongly linked to having a healthy weight? Here’s some of the more recent research…

    • Obese individuals tend to have low Vitamin D levels.  A recent study from Columbia University Medical Center showed that Vitamin D deficiency was higher in adolescents who were obese.  This correlates with previous studies connecting Vitamin D deficiency and obesity in adults.
    • More recently, a study of more than 4,600 women age 65 and older showed that having low vitamin D levels contributes to mild weight gain.1 Women with low levels of vitamin D gained about two pounds more compared to those with adequate blood levels of vitamin D during the 4.5-year long study.
    • Another recent study at the University of Minnesota showed that supplementing with Vitamin D helped overweight people lose weight easier and faster. 

    So what should you do…

    1. Maintain a healthy balance when it comes to sunshine.  Don’t burn and avoid overexposure BUT don’t totally avoid the sun either.  10 – 20 minutes of direct sunshine (depending on your skin color) is usually enough to boost your Vitamin D to a healthy, disease-preventing level. 
    2. Take a high quality Vitamin D supplement (2000 IU’s / day) during the rainy/winter seasons.  If you have an indoor job, take it year round.    
    3. Take a high quality Vitamin/ mineral /anti-oxidant complex year round. While the importance of Vitamin D can’t be understated, it is only one of many nutrients that our bodies need to maintain a healthy weight.

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