• It Pays to Take Your Vitamins

    Posted on May 25, 2012 by in Nutritional Supplements

    It pays to take your vitamins.

    Vitamins not only reduce your risk of disease, they make it easier to lose weight.   Chromium reduces cravings, B vitamins help speed up metabolism and omega-3’s help you burn fat. In 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association, published a review article recommending that all adults take vitamin supplements.  The authors reviewed 38 years of scientific evidence that showed “suboptimal levels of vitamins (below standard)… are risk factors for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis.”  In simpler words, we all need to take our vitamins if we want to reduce our risk of cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.

    Think you can get it all in your food.  Think again.  The mineral and vitamin content in our food has been steadily been declining due to depleted soils along with modern day shipping and processing methods.

    Invest in your long term health by investing in a high quality nutritional supplement.  Don’t wait until disease is already established in your body.

    Dr. Diana



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