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You will find many complimentary resources on this website from free downloads to interesting and empowering articles.

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Not only have I lost and kept off 20 lbs, I feel more energetic and healthy. I love her "bless the body" approach to taking care of yourself, and getting healthy first before worrying about weight or how you look. If you've been struggling with weight, health, body image, diabetes, low energy, do something good for yourself that will last - work with Dr. Diana!!!

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Rather than my weight loss journey being about what I couldn’t have, it was going to be about what I COULD have… I could not have lost the weight without this program.

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For the first time in 14 years I was able to fit into a pair of pants at a regular size clothes store. I had a smile on my face as I paid for pants that were 2 sizes smaller... by the time I had them hemmed, they were already too big!

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Now in my fifties, I am so grateful to have the knowledge and products that allow me to enjoy good health. Dr. Diana’s “First Get Healthy” program is not just another trend, but a way to maintain good health for life!

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What if you never had to diet again?

What if getting fit and healthier could be fun and empowering?

What if you had a coach who has been through the same struggles and found a way to get healthy and fit without all the pain and deprivation?

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NO Diet

"Who would you be, if food was your friend and not your enemy?”

Hello Friend,

I am Dr. Diana Galbraith and like you I've had a battle with my weight starting from when I was young. Even medical school did not teach me what I needed to know. But over time I researched, educated myself and found my own path back to health.

You CAN change your health and body size. I know this because I have turned my own health around and I’ve helped many other women improve and regain their health as well.


Everyone is unique. A health plan carefully designed just for YOU.

Everyone is unique and has different issues. In First Get Healthy, you receive a health plan that is carefully designed just for you.

But first I would like to encourage you to take a complementary health assessment. You will be amazed at how much you will learn about yourself from just completely this one small step.

If you would like feed back from me, just submit the completed form. I’ll then contact you for your complimentary 15-minute consultation.

To Your Health,



At FGH we empower you to take control of your own health destiny.

You will find many complimentary resources on this website from free downloads to interesting and empowering articles on HealthTalks blog.


I feel AMAZING! I’m no longer bulging out over top of everything. My one pair of jeans that fit me when I started were a size 18. I now wear a very comfortable 12, and can even sneak into a 10! My daughter says I have a “cute bum”. LOL!!